General Rules

  • Passengers under the age of 18, with reduced mobility and traveling with their babies cannot be seated in the Emergency Exit seats.
  • Seat reservation fees are determined by the company and the right to make changes belongs to the company.
  • Once the seat reservation is confirmed, cancellation or seat change cannot be processed.
  • When a cancellation, refund or change is requested, the current reservation must be canceled first. After the current reservation is cancelled, new seat selection can be processed.
  • Refunds cannot be processed through the Website.
  • To request a seat reservation refund, the passenger must send an Email to with the following informations; Reservation Number, Last Name, Flight and Cancellation Details, information of postponement and change.
    In this case, after the fee refund is approved, a refund is made within 7 to 14 business days from the channel where the payment was made.
  • Due to technical or operational reasons, the purchased seat can be changed. Refunds can be processed for the passengers who send an Email to with the following informations; Last Name, Flight Details and the image of the boarding pass.
    In this case, after the necessary documents are examined, a refund is made within 14 to 21 business days from the channel where the payment was made.
  • If the aircraft type is changed due to operational reasons, a message will be sent to the passenger's e-mail address, informing the passenger that he/she has been assigned to an alternative seat. If passenger doesn’t accept the alternative seat, a refund will be made within 5 business days at the latest.
  • Due to technical reasons, if the seat reservation is not confirmed, alternative seat selections will be send to the passenger’s email address within 24 hours. If the passenger doesn’t confirm, a refund of the seat reservation fee will be processed within 5 business days. If no email is received within 24 hours, the seat reservation is confirmed.
  • It is under the responsibility of the airport ground service team to provide an alternative seat for the passengers who request a seat change during Check-in.
  • Business Class seats are only valid for flights with TK flight number.